Designed & Engineered to bring a wide range coverage for middle to high end vehicles. According to the various daily driving conditions, delivers in the industry, the superior performance, noise free, durability and fade resistance

●  Premium Ceramic Formulations and OEM Style Positive Technology
●  Precision-cut Backing Plates with Over 90% Euphotic Belt
●  Premium Multi-layer Rubberized Shims Made in USA Reducing Noise, Vibration and Harshness
●  OEM Design Slots and Chamfers
●  New Stainless Steel Hardware Kits
●  Synthetic Moly Lube
●  ECE-R90 Certified US Performance SAE2784, Noise SAE 2521 and Wear SAE2707 Tested
●  In Compliance with CA&WA 2021 Restrictions With Environmental Friendly Low or Zero Copper Asbestos Free, Heavy            Metal Free

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